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January 18, 2023
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Paceline is a well-known US-based fitness app that rewards individuals for exercising. The app launched its first credit card in March 2022 and to scale their name with influencers, they have connected with influencer management platform. Our platform will help Paceline reach authentic and experienced health and wellness influencers to promote the app to their followers. 

About Paceline: 

Paceline is the only app in the market that gives financial rewards to its users for working out 150 minutes daily. The app promotes overall health, including physical, mental, and financial. 

“We want to change the conversation and the focal point of healthcare: making it as much about keeping people healthy as it is about treating people who are sick. We believe healthy people can stay healthy with a consistent, long-term approach towards building positive habits that create wellness,” - Paceline 

About is the fast-growing end-to-end influencer management platform that helps brands and agencies promote their products or services with effective influencer marketing. The platform enables businesses to find talented creators, manage the campaigns from a single dashboard, and measure the effectiveness with detailed reports. With advanced AI-backed features, users can distinguish fake followers, access profile metrics, and implement the campaigns hassle-free without having to jump from one platform to another. 

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