Pouring Paid Media Dollars To Boost Influencer Content 

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December 29, 2022
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Paid media is becoming a necessity among marketers to boost impressions and engagement on influencer posts. 

"Paid boosting will only increase in 2023 and become mandatory in contracts to support influencer campaigns," says Amar Jacob, Social and Content Development Director, Group M-Ireland, in our 2023 influencer marketing predictions report. 

As multiple people look for products on TikTok and Instagram, it has become necessary for brands to maximize their chances of being found on the platforms. You need the extra push of paid media to boost discoverability of the influencer content and stand out amidst fierce competition on social media. 

Paid media enables brands to maximize the reach of influencer content through advertising from the creator's social media account, making the ads look more authentic to the consumer. The consumer, specifically the younger generation, trusts the word of influencers over brands so they aren’t repelled by the ads when coming from social media creators. 

To access interesting insights on the subject, check out our latest report – 10 Trends To Ace Your 2023 Influencer Marketing Goals. 

Access the full report here 

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