Product Update: Email Templates and Reference Images/Assets

Archana Mishra
Content Manager
October 4, 2022
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1. Email Templates
Send tailored messages to influencers

The feature enables brand users to configure multiple email templates, including auto-replies. Depending on the influencer segment, the brand user can select a pre-configured email template from the list when sending proposals or follow-up emails. Brand users can save time by just creating the templates and then reusing them based on the context.


  1. Create and save different templates for different use cases/categories. 
  2. Pre-configured templates to select from when sending emails. 
  3. Enable efficient influencer outreach with different templates based on their use case/ requirements.

Email templates can be accessed in the three dots campaign menu to the right of the Edit Creator Portal tab. 

Suggested email templates include the campaign’s basic info, product gifting, fixed pay, affiliate campaign, and reminder. 

Brand users can select from the given template or create a new one based on their requirements.  

Various variables can be inserted within the template, helping brand users save time. 

2. Reference Images/Assets

Effective Brand Communication

Brands can communicate their content needs to influencers more effectively by using the Assets and References in the Influencer task tab (Creator Portal). Users can share collateral and upload assets, such as brand logos and references like images, videos, docs, and pdfs in influencer tasks.


  1. Upload brand assets and reference files to help influencers when creating posts.
  2. Supported maximum assets size is 50MB with supported file formats including MOV, mp4, gif, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, and Docx.

 Assets and References help brand users upload logos, images, videos, etc., to give better clarity to influencers about the requirements. 

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