Sustainable Influencer Marketing: A Growing Trend You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Carissa Tan
Digital Marketing Intern
May 21, 2021
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Sustainability has always been on the radar for many, but only in recent years has it been advocated for more publicly, as seen in the first half of 2020 alone, where searches of “sustainability” grew by a whooping 37%. Adding on to the fact that consumers are becoming more and more socially conscious (81% of millennials expect companies to make a public commitment to good corporate citizenship, and 75% of millennials and Gen Zs are willing to pay more for sustainable offerings), sustainability is now an important aspect that consumers factor in when buying from brands. This is where influencers come into the picture through sustainable influencer marketing.

So, sustainable influencer marketing.. What is it exactly? When influencers choose to partner with brands who are socially responsible such that their personal goals and brands align with more than just a paid partnership. These influencers become the voice of sustainability related movements and they offer their audiences information on how to lead a more socially responsible lifestyle.

To show the success of brands working with influencers whilst advocating for sustainability, we have compiled a few case studies, so let’s get right into it!

1. Sustainable Packaging - Aveda & Paboco

Sustainable packaging is being adopted by businesses across the globe. This is in line with the growing need for sustainability amidst an increasingly socially conscious consumer group, expanding your customer base and boosting brand loyalty. Let’s take a look at these prime examples.


Following one of their recent customer product launches for their new hair care line, Aveda partnered up with Italian Business Tips to create a seeding box. From the aesthetic look of the box to the materials used, Aveda has taken this approach to further reinforce their mission as a sustainable brand.

Aveda’s Seeding Box

Seeding boxes have been known to be an ideal way for brands to reach journalists, bloggers and influencers. A box that not only boasts your brand’s latest products but also screams sustainability, giving recipients an altogether unforgettable experience. This is definitely one subtle yet effective sustainable influencer marketing strategy for the books!


As brands move towards more sustainable packaging, Paboco, the Danish paper bottle company, has been seen to be actively ramping up their innovations and technologies. As the top manufacturer for paper bottles, they have partnered up with a few of the market’s top reputable brands such as L’Oreal, Carlsberg Group and Coca-Cola. Becoming part of the solution for a sustainable future, Paboco, the paper bottle company, is the next big thing to hit the markets. With the many prototype teasers released, it is no doubt that consumers and influencers alike will be scrambling to get a hold of these bottles when they are launched!

L’Oreal’s latest innovation for sustainable packaging: The Paper Bottle

Carlsberg Group’s Paper Bottle Prototype

Coca-Cola’s Paper Bottle Prototype

2. Adidas 

In recent years, we have seen Adidas shift its focus towards more sustainable product development as well as greater emphasis on sustainability as a whole. They are now one of the global brand leaders recognised for their sustainability efforts, and this was mainly achieved through their creativity and collaboration with others. 

For instance, Adidas partnered with Real Madrid player Marcelo to showcase the specially designed sports gear and football kits for major international football teams like Real Madrid and Juventus, which are made entirely of thread consisting of ocean plastics. This no doubt was a successful sustainable influencer marketing campaign, gaining a large amount of traction and influence from this campaign itself! 

Real Madrid player Marcelo sporting the team’s recycled ocean plastic kit

Through successful campaigns like this, Adidas has managed to position itself as one that advocates for sustainability, thus improving its brand image and increasing the likelihood of future influencer collaborations.

3. Colourpop Cosmetics

A cosmetics brand best known for its affordability yet high quality products, is slowly taking the beauty industry by storm. The continuous efforts of Colourpop Cosmetics for developing sustainable makeup products - cruelty free and vegan, has been widely recognised by many. As well as their numerous collaborations with influencers - Colourpop x Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Collection, Colourpop x Kathleen Lights etcetera. 

Colourpop x Kathleen Lights collaboration 

Through the use of such influencers, Colourpop has effectively managed to rise up as the go-to brand for sustainable makeup. Definitely attracting future collaborations with influencers as well!

4. Menstrual Cups - Saalt and DivaCup

Menstrual cups - the more sustainable alternative to sanitary pads, is slowly rising in popularity. Popular menstrual cup brands such as Saalt and DivaCup have been partnering with health and wellness influencers to raise awareness for their sustainable menstrual cups! Along with the many benefits that bodes well for this usage, its main selling point is its eco-friendly nature.


Various brands are calling for more sustainable, eco-friendly efforts to sustain the planet. Attracting not only influencers to want to partner with your brand, but also whilst improving your brand image and reputation altogether. Besides, it is also important for brands to work with influencers that see eye to eye with the values and social causes they are advocating for.


On the flip side, if we look at sustainable influencer marketing from a different angle - that of HOW does a brand ensure the sustainability of their influencer marketing campaign? Now for this, we have exactly the tools and resources. Reach out to us or sign up here to request for a free demo on Affable!

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