Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies In Los Angeles |2022| + FAQs

Nidhi Agarwal
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March 22, 2022
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Persuading Gen Z and millennials to listen, trust and believe in your product or service isn't easy! It has led to fierce competition among brands in Los Angeles.  Marketers or brands are going beyond traditional digital marketing services and resorting to influencers on social media channels to beat the competition.

What works in this process is the collaboration of brands with platforms or agencies to build unique strategies that work.

Let us understand how platforms like help run efficient campaigns before looking at the top influencer agencies in Los Angeles. is a SaaS platform built to provide automated influencer marketing services for brands and agencies. The platform efficiently manages the entire campaign and calculates the results to give clarity on performance. 

It is currently catering to USA-based brands like Blendjet, SR Max, Huckleberry Labs, First Day Inc, and other brands across different countries to streamline their campaigns and promote their brand.  Learn more about how has helped other brands.

Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles

1. Mostly Sunny

Founding year: 2015

Mostly Sunny goes beyond traditional methods to find influencers by using an in-house machine learning and AI system. It has executed campaigns for brands like RVCA Women, Hollywood Bowl, and American Express. The agency specialises in content creation like videos, manages social media, and posts ads to amplify the overall content on different social media channels. 

2. Vampped

Founding year: 2014

Vampped organises influencer campaigns and provides video production services to hotels, travel and tourism companies like Hotel Ranga, Hoshinoya Bali, LYF, etc. Not just in the hospitality industry, the influencer agency in Los Angeles has also run effective campaigns for Harley Davidson, Lorna Jane, Loreal Paris, Fifteen Twenty, and other brands.  

3. Be Social 

Founding year: 2012 

Be Social provides influencer marketing services to multiple brands, including H&M, Farmacy beauty, and Tone It Up. It has relations with content creators, media editors, and brand ambassadors. 

The agency even goes for paid campaigns on social media through strategic placements of ads for brand building.  Other services like events management and training influencers in content creation is also a part of achieving the overall results. 

4. C/C/G

Founding year: 2007

C/C/G, an end-to-end influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles,  supports brands to run successful campaigns through community management, content promotion, and comprehensive reporting.

By focusing on creative production, social media, TikTok marketing, Snapchat marketing, and branding services, the agency has driven results for La Brea Bakery, Ajinomoto, Nongshim, Veestro, TY Beanie Babies, Johnny Doodle, and José Olé. 

5. Influicity

Founding year: 2014

Influicity provides influencer marketing services to food & cooking, retail, entertainment, consumer products, and finance brands. It runs campaigns backed by data like audience insights and behaviours, demographics, geography, buying patterns, and other essential information. They have worked with top brands like Subway, Toyota, Warner Bros., P&G, Shopify, etc. They 

The agency runs offices in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Moreover, they specialise in podcast creation, content development, and paid advertising. 

6. Amra & Elma

Founding year: 2016 

Amra & Elma was founded by two sisters, Amra Beganovich and Elma Beganovich, to provide digital marketing services like influencer marketing. Starting from a brand-specific campaign strategy to identifying and reaching out to influencers, the agency does it all. 

It negotiates terms & conditions, creates content calendars, schedules posting and measures the performance through defined KPIs. Brands such as Uber eats, Nestle, Netflix, Olay, Taj, P&G, Smile Direct Club, and many renowned brands have availed their services. 

7. Runway Influence

Founding year: 2017

Los Angeles-based influencer marketing agency - Runway Influence - has a network of top influencers, models and brand ambassadors. Brands such as Adidas, Lexus, Heineken, Google, NASCAR and others have collaborated with the agency.

The agency takes care of finding, managing negotiating terms, setting guidelines, and analysing campaigns on behalf of its clients. Social media management, brand development and content creation services are other services it offers.

8. Kairos Media

Headquartered in London, Kairos Media has operations spread across Los Angeles and Manchester. It is a social media and creative agency also providing influencer marketing services. It has executed over 1500 campaigns with 75K+ influencers for various brands, including Pizza Hut, Oppo Mobile, Heinz, JBL, Nestle, and KFC Console.

It also provides content production, social strategy, paid advertising, analytical insights and data, and creative strategy building services.

9. Neon Rose Agency

Founding year: 2012 

Neon Rose Agency streamlines the entire campaign by strategy development, influencer discovery, selection and outreach, regulation and coordination, and metrics analysis. 

The agency connects your brand with wellness, health and lifestyle content creators. It has worked on campaigns for Nike, Reebok, Panasonic, Huggies, Daily Harvest and Winc. 

10. BLK PR

Founding year: NA

BLK PR is a PR agency providing influencer marketing by collaborating with celebrities and mega influencers to run campaigns for wellness, beauty, fashion, art and design brands. It also offers brand development, social media marketing, celebrity seeding, and events organisation services. can help you get a detailed insight on campaign performnance and improve your ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to measure the success of my influencer campaign?

Key metrics to measure your campaign performance include:

  • Track the engagement rate to know if your audience enjoyed the content.
  • Follow brand hashtags and impressions to see the reach and impact of the campaign.
  • Calculate the NPS (Net Promoter Score) to understand the sentiments of your audience towards your product or services.
  • Evaluate the conversion rate by tracking the sales generated from discounts codes.
2. Is influencer marketing cost-effective for small businesses?

Small businesses can run budget-friendly campaigns by:

  • Collaborating with nano and micro-influencers to get more effective results at a lower cost. 
  • Targeting local influencers instead of going for international ones.
  • Use SaaS platforms like to stay on your budget. They cost less and provide accurate data-driven results. 
  • Finding different ways to pay influencers, for example, product gifting, incentives, rewards etc. 

Read more: Influencer marketing tips for small businesses. 

3. How to get started with my first influencer marketing campaign?

To get started: 

  • Define your goals 
  • Plan ahead 
  • Create a content guideline
  • Hire influencers
  • Run the campaign
  • Measure the performance

Read in detail: An In-depth guide to influencer marketing in 2022

4. How do I hire an influencer for my campaign? 

There are three ways to find influencers and hire them.  

  • Manually - Find them on social media platforms using hashtags 
  • Through Platforms - Connect with them with the help of an automated platform database
  • Through agencies - Discover experienced creators through agency networks

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