Top 15 Influencer Marketing Agencies And Platforms In The Philippines (2022)

Nidhi Agarwal
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March 10, 2022
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Finding influencers, managing them and then measuring the overall impact of the influencer campaign may not be easy.  

Running a campaign in the Philippines, in particular, becomes slightly difficult for it is the social media capital of the world with over 89M social media users

Various influencer marketing agencies and platforms in the Philippines can help you resolve hurdles faced in running the campaign. 

The agencies take care of the collaborations by reaching out to the influencers, negotiating with them and explaining content guidelines on your behalf. They figure out ways to run campaigns, either manually or using tools. SaaS platforms, on the other hand, automate the entire campaign. 

In this article we will be exploring the top agencies and platforms in the Philippines to help your brand execute successful influencer marketing campaigns in 2022

Let’s dive in! 

Influencer marketing Platform in the Philippines is a SaaS platform helping brands and agencies to find influencers, manage them, and measure the impact of campaigns all in one place.

The global availability of the platform makes it possible to run an influencer campaign in every corner of the world like the Philippines. Numerous brands and agencies such as Emma Sleep, SCPA, Unilab, Vivo, and Omnicom Media Group have trusted the platform’s database of 6M+ influencers gives you a choice to pick the perfect influencers that suits your brand voice. The 20+ filters help you find influencers working with your niche audience.

Tools like sentiment analysis, influencer story tracking, competitor campaign monitoring, Shopify integration, and more help you run a successful campaign. 

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Influencer marketing Agencies in the Philippines 

1) DigistarPH 

Established as a talent management industry in 2018, DigistarPH is flourishing as an influencer marketing agency in the Philippines. It features an exhaustive list of mega and macro-influencers who have worked with multiple brands and are expert influencers in industries like fashion, beauty, design, TV, and more. 

The services package at DigistarPH includes influencer searches, social media takeovers, brand collaborations, performance report analysis, and product seeding

Other than this, you can contact the agency for event management, marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and PR services. 

2) Vero

Founded in 2007, Vero covers 5 Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. It is an award-winning agency PR and digital consultancy agency that provides influencer marketing services in various industries such as real estate, beauty, technology, and food. 

Vero uses a self-designed tool called TrueVibe to generate better returns for influencer campaigns.

The company has collaborated with high-ticket brands like and MAC. Vero offers other services like digital marketing, B2B communication, social media content creation, media relations and training, crisis communication, and more such services. 

3) Grynow

Grynow has a network of talented influencers ranging from celebrities to nano influencers to provide maximum results to clients. It carries out influencer marketing on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitch. 

The company also provides other services like video marketing and meme marketing. 

4) Kobe

Kobe, established in 2016, provides end-to-end influencer marketing services in the Philippines and other countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. 

The company has been setting trends for popular brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, for almost 6 years. Kobe uses AI technology to monitor and analyse the result of influencer campaigns. 

Kobe has a separate program for influencers to teach them content creation, brand collaborations and content monetisation. This helps the company to work with experienced and talented influencers. 

5) Propelrr

Propelrr houses almost all the digital services, including influencer marketing, social media marketing, creative, PR, paid advertising, UX design, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and a lot more. 

The network of influencers at Propelrr includes celebrities, key opinion leaders, bloggers, content creators, and micro-influencers. The company, set up in 2008, is now trusted by leading brands like Autodeal, Wix, Carrier, Pediasure. 

6) Blogapalooza

Established in 2011 as a marketing and networking event management company, Blogapalooza also provides influencer marketing services.

With a speciality in networking management, it has grown a network of 10K talented influencers. The company collaborates with brands like Starbucks, Lenovo, Sennheizer, Volvo, trust Blogapalooza in 6+ countries based on their individual goals.   

7) PurpleBug

PurpleBug was established in 2010 in Makati, Philippines. It is a digital marketing agency providing services like SEO, paid ads, online advertising, sentiment management, website and app development, influencer marketing, and more. 

To provide results to the clients, PurpleBug focuses on: 

  • Improving brand awareness, 
  • Using targeted marketing to reach the right audiences, 
  • Increasing brand credibility to establish trust for the audience, 
  • Building long-term healthy relationships between the brand and the influencer,  
  • Working with niche influencers to achieve quicker customer acquisition.

8) Centaur Marketing

Founded in 2008, Centaur Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that manages digital influencer marketing campaigns in the Philippines and the US. The company aims to provide the best result to brands based on their goals and objectives. 

It works with a network of key opinion leaders for getting effective influencer campaign results. 

The company’s marketing services include social media marketing, SEO, public relations, social media marketing, and design.

9) Carl Ocab Digital Marketing

The founder, Carl Ocab, was just a 13-year-old boy when he started this company in 2007. He was known as the ‘kid blogger’ who started soon after learning about the internet. Since then, he and his company have helped multiple brands rank high on Google.

Carl Ocab Digital Marketing is an all-in-one digital marketing agency providing SEO, social media marketing, web design, digital ads, and more. 

In a view to expand its social media marketing services, Carl Ocab is now recruiting talented influencers to provide influencer marketing services in the Philippines

10 Oddefy Creative agency

Founded in 2016, Oddefy collaborates with brands in the Philippines, Thailand, US, Canada and Australia. The company provides influencer marketing services and strategies based on individual brand goals. 

Oddefy has managed several campaigns for brands like GrabFood, Citi, Klook, JobExpress, and several more.  In addition to influencer marketing, the company also provides social media and digital marketing, branding, web design, and content storytelling services. 

11) ROC.PH Digital Marketing Services 

ROC.PH collaborates with content creators like bloggers and vloggers. After being set up in 2015, the company provides digital marketing services to help its clients churn out maximum profits.

It executes influencer marketing campaigns on Facebook (Meta), Instagram, and Twitter. 

To address clients' problems effectively, the company keeps in constant touch with the help of virtual assistance.

12) ActiveSocial

ActiveSocial is a social media and PR agency in the Philippines founded in 2015. It manages campaigns for brands with a database of some of the top influencers in the Philippines, helping the company set up successful collaborations. 

ActiveSocial has collaborated with top brands like Glow Skin Clinic, Air Asia, Octon, LifeProof.  Its focus area is social media management and event inviting.

13) Near Creative

Founded in 2017, Near Creative is a marketing company in the Philippines trusted by leading brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Microsoft, Johnson&Johnson, Traveloka, and so on. 

The company helps influencers with the content creation process to ensure an effective outcome for brands. It works in 50+ cities to provide its services. Near Creative provides TikTok marketing services to help brands take benefit of the platform and promote influencer-generated content. 

14) Gushcloud

Gushcloud is a growing influencer marketing company providing end-to-end services across Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, the USA, Singapore, and 13 more countries. 

Established in 2011, the company specialises as a marketing and talent agency having a network of content creators and influencers involving bloggers, opinion leaders, mega influencers, and micro-influencers. 

Wrapping Up

If you’re a brand looking for influencer marketing agencies in the Philippines, use this list to know which agency suits your campaign needs. But if you’re looking for a more effective solution that will help you achieve your goals in just a few clicks, then an influencer marketing platform is a much better option for you. 

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