Top 8 Influencer Marketing Agencies in New York [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
March 28, 2022
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Being the world's financial capital, New York has become a hub for content creators and influencers. Name any industry, be it fashion, lifestyle, beauty, gaming, travel or real estate - talented social media influencers are carving a niche for themselves.   

You might be ready to collaborate with these influencers to grow your business. But you're not the only one competing in this race. So, how to stay ahead?  

Several digital and social media agencies have incorporated influencer marketing with a team of experts to help you develop brand-specific strategies to target your audience directly and beat the competition. 

We have hand-picked the top agencies in New York so that you can pick one that fulfils your campaign needs. But before that, let's look at how a SaaS platform outperforms manual operations and makes the process easier. automates the influencer marketing process, saving time and energy to find, manage, contact, and measure the campaign in just a few clicks. The SaaS platform handles every crucial activity, from spotting influencers with fake followers to measuring ROI based on KPIs. 

The platform simplifies the process of product gifting, tracks daily tasks and competitor campaigns. 

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List of Influencer Marketing Agencies in New York

1. Social Studies 

Founding year: 2015

Social Studies is an influencer marketing agency in New York providing a full range of services, including creator discovery, terms negotiations, designing content guidelines, and reporting. Using the proprietary tool, it identifies creators and files reports. 

The agency executes campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, and other social media platforms. They provide services for Uber, Hims, Harry's, Bloomingdale's, Klarna, and other well-known brands. 

2. ITB 

Founding year: 2009

ITB is an influencer marketing agency based in New York,  having offices in Los Angeles and London. It establishes collaborations, handles negotiations and contract agreements, promotes influencer's content on social media to generate campaign ideas, and measures the overall performance. 

The company has organised campaigns for Knorr, Oxygen SS21, MAC Cosmetics, H&M, JBL, Revlon, Mango, and other well-known brands. 

3. New-Moon

Founding year: 2008 

New-Mon specialises as a creative agency, providing content creation, strategy building, designing, and other innovative services. It also includes influencer marketing.  

In the past, They have connected brands such as Porsche, Budweiser, Target, Away, Puma, and Pandora with experienced creators and ran campaigns with tactics like storytelling and creativity.  

The company operates from its offices in New York, California, Sydney, and London. 

4. CMM

Founding year: 2005

CMM is a beauty and lifestyle influencer marketing agency in New York. They have a network of social media talents and celebrities who have worked with Revlon, Algenist, Cosmoprof, Got2b, and other global brands. 

They use brand storytelling, press relations, talent relations, virtual and offline events to connect brands with their respective audiences. 

5. PR Hacker

Founding year: 2013 

PR Hacker focuses on creating authentic brand-influencer relations to deliver successful campaigns for clients. Their services include outreach, discovery, content strategy building and reporting the results. 

They have an office in 15+ cities offering video production, search engine optimisation, CSR, public relations, brand strategy, and market research services. They have carried out campaigns for Delmonte, Mercedes-Benz, Citi, harmless harvest, Budweiser, and other brands.

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6. Kaplow

Founding year: 1991

Kaplow collaborates with health, wellness, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle companies. They focus on customised strategy building based on unique brand requirements, helping brands to build lasting relationships with creators. 

This influencer marketing agency in New York also finds and manages campaigns for brands including Skype, Elvie, Target, Aimm, and other renowned brands. Besides this, the agency provides public relations, social media marketing, brand strategy, and other digital services.

7. Social fly

Founding year: 2012

Social fly is a women-led influencer marketing agency targeting only the female audience. If you're a brand with women as your niche audience, this agency will help you target them directly. It has helped SlimFast, Alex and Ani, Discovery, Conair, Happy Family, and other top brands to target ladies. They use an in house tool to get data and insights on campaign performance.

The in-house team manages everything from product gifting to advertising on social media, paid partnerships, and traffic attainment.  


Founding year: 2004 

Amp3PR specialises in influencer marketing by providing a range of services, from celebrity and influencer outreach to pitch creation, influencer discovery, product gifting and monitoring the content posted on social media. Looking at the long-term partnership, they also conduct ambassador campaign management. 

The agency has provided services for Fossil Pride, FOREO, Wrangler, LuminoCity, and other brands.  


Summing up

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy to drive better ROI, according to 93% of marketers. But to get those results, you need to have a solid plan with an engaging content outline and a meaningful relationship with influencers. It results in more authentic promotions, positive product reviews, and more genuine customer trust.

An automated SaaS platform helps you find authentic influencers with whom you can build relationships by managing them directly. is one such platform that enables you to focus more on building strategies and relationships by simplifying the campaign management process. 

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We have you covered if you're targeting more than one city in the US. Check out this article on the Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles. 

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