Top 8 Influencer Marketing Agencies in South Africa [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
March 30, 2022
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Reciprocating the global influencer marketing trend, brands in South Africa are inclined towards nano and micro-influencers when it comes to collaboration for product endorsements. 

But discovering these influencers in your niche is often challenging.

Either you reach out to them manually, which could be challenging or opt for influencer marketing agencies, having a network of content creators to fit your brand voice. And the third option is using an automated platform for an end-to-end campaign.

In this article, we'll look at some of the top influencer marketing agencies in South Africa. 

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Known Influencer Marketing Agencies in South Africa 

1. The Influencer Authority

Founded in 2020 by Sharon van Wyk, The Influencer Authority provides end-to-end influencer services, including audience research, campaign strategy, content briefs and communication, tracking performance, reporting the ROI, etc. 

It collaborates with various brands in the alcohol, parenting, baby care, and pet care industries. The agency focuses on organic content to reach audiences and build authentic relations. Its clients' list includes Contigo, Birdie, Belly Babies, MommaMia, Pet Rebels, and other well-known brands. 

2. Arora Online

Arora Online, established in 2020, is a digital solutions agency based in South Africa. The company connects the brands with influencers to carry out product promotions. 

It also offers SEO blogging, brand strategy, social media content creation, email marketing, paid media strategies, TikTok marketing, market research and more to amplify the influencer and user-generated content. The agency has worked with Eco Diva, The Village, Lacoste, Cakes by Henno, Ballet World, Natural Born Pets, and other local brands. 

3. Dragonfly Digital (DFM)

Dragonfly Digital's in-house team of experts strategise campaigns, build relationships, generate awareness, report insights, and perform several functions required to carry out a campaign.

The agency also runs integrated campaigns using copywriting, designing, branding, and advertising. Established in 2007, the company has created personalised campaigns for HH&L, Bobcat, PEG, Subway, Rage, Goscor, and other companies. It helps brands with social media management and advertising, website and app development, and other digital services. 


EMAKINA is a digital agency providing various services, including influencer marketing. The company looks after the content strategy, campaign design, relationship management, paid promotion, monitoring platforms, and results reports. 

In addition to this, it also provides digital services, social media marketing, marketing automation, data automation, content design, motion design, digital communications, and more services. Founded in 2001, the agency has been catering to numerous clients. Maserati, Honda, Dealertrack, F&I Express, Moteo, and other brands have collaborated with EMAKINA.

5. Inversion Marketing 

Inversion Marketing is a full-service influencer marketing agency based in South Africa. The company runs campaigns for brands based on a self-devised formula that helps it develop specific goals for clients. 

Founded in 2015, the company has collaborated with the R-Squared agency to run campaigns. It also provides digital advertising, search engine optimisation, website development for eCommerce brands, email marketing, social media marketing, and other digital services to raise brand performance. Dettol, Strepsils, Veet, Allianz, Bespoke Travel, and more brands have collaborated with this agency.

6. Retroviral

Established in 2010, Retroviral is an award-winning influencer marketing agency in South Africa that provides word of mouth marketing, website development, blogging, and social media services. 

The agency conducts market research by collating the public data around the brand. Based on it, it strategies the content and uses a combination of influencer marketing and paid media to achieve the objective. Brands like Liberty, Gumtree, Mr Orange, Russell Hobbs, IWISA, and others trust the services of Retroviral for their campaigns.  

7. Nfluential

Owned by Nfinity group, a media and communications company, Nfluential agency focuses on building brand empowering strategies based on individual objectives and goals. It makes strategies for brands, educates them about influencer marketing, and creates audits for current campaigns. Currently operating from Gauteng, South Africa, this influencer marketing agency has worked with Novella, PVM, Clark and Sons, Webfluential, the Salt, Dell, and other brands. 


8. R-Squared 

Founded in 2014, R-Squared is one of the top influencer marketing agencies in South Africa that provides end-to-end services and collaborates with local and global brands. The company collaborates with macro and micro-influencers to run integrated campaigns, promote them via paid advertising, and attract audiences through authentic content. 

Summing Up

Marketers are reaping excellent benefits with word-of-mouth marketing. Now that you know the top influencer marketing agencies in South Africa, you can easily reach out to creators in your niche and leverage their authentic connection with audiences to promote your brand.

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