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Archana Mishra
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April 25, 2022
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With the foray of international brands in Thailand, PR agencies have grown exponentially in the country. After all, they are helping brands to overcome barriers of language and culture and gain maximum visibility by getting the messaging right.  

PR agencies in Thailand are aware that consumers' perception or reaction to messaging has changed in the last few years, which has created new challenges. Such as presenting the impact of a campaign by putting together the accurate results, reaching out to targeted consumers, identifying genuine brand advocates, meeting clients' expectations and retaining them. 

Influencer marketing has emerged as a solution to address these issues. Various platforms like help agencies run the marketing campaign end-to-end — from finding influencers who can convert to brand advocates to managing them and measuring overall performance. 

Let us find out more about the top PR agencies in Thailand.

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Leading PR Agencies in Thailand  

1. Vivaldi 

Founded in 2004, Vivaldi PR merges traditional PR services with digital marketing to conduct industry research and analysis, position brands in the market, and hold conventional and social media PR campaigns. 

The agency has served brands such as Penfolds, Glenfiddich, Sony, Belkin, and Huawei. It has catered to multiple industries like auto, technology, property, hospitality, sports, food and beverages, hotels and travel and logistics.

2. Gemini

Providing PR services for the last 15 years with a philosophy of - a constellation of possibilities- Gemini uses both traditional and digital ways of communication. 

It circulates press releases among media organisations; conducts live events and media interviews with its clients as a part of traditional services. The agency creates a content calendar and crafts posts for strategic messaging through social media. It has worked with Volvo, Accor Hotels, Yahoo Finance, LG, and Electrolux.

3. Vero

Having over ten years of experience in traditional PR services, Vero is a communications agency actively working in Southeast Asia with brands like Mitsubishi Motors, Nestle, Duravit, Dorco, and Zalo. 

It has a team of communications specialists and creative designers to provide various services, including media relations, media training, social media content creation, public affairs, data analytics, and more.

The in-house team strategises integrated marketing solutions, drafts press releases, makes videos, and generates targeted ads for social media. This PR agency in Thailand also runs digital marketing campaigns using tracking tools and provides influencer marketing services by identifying bloggers, KOLs and popular influencers based on clients' requirements. 

4. Midas PR Group

Established in 2003, Midas PR Group has 14 years of experience in the PR industry. It provides tailor-made communication strategies by giving various services to run multi-channel integrated PR campaigns. Such as event management, crisis management, digital marketing, website design, graphic design, content creation, influencer marketing and branding. It has worked with brands like Vivo, Lufthansa, Lazada, Radisson Blu, Cigna and more. 

5. Go PR

Having worked with clients like Skechers, Loop, Lemonhead, Remax Thailand, Go Pro PR agency in Thailand, provides social media, digital marketing and video production services. 

Knowing that the traditional media is on a constant decline, it operates as a social media agency to manage marketing campaigns. The agency also conducts search engine advertising and optimisation, whereas, under the public relations activities, the agency provides digital PR, media buying and influencer marketing. 

6. Public Hit Company Ltd

Public Hit Company Limited, established in 2004, is a public relations firm offering a range of services and strategic consultancy to fulfil the objectives of its clients. 

The agency has strong connections with lifestyle-focused media, and it conducts media monitoring and organises special events besides other facilities like KOL management and interviews of clients. It has worked with local brands like Moccona and D-nee Organic.

7. Paper & Page

Paper and Page offer digital marketing, online public relations and website development services. A member of the MC Group Global Network- Germany's most extensive communications firm, it is an award-winning, Bangkok-based creative digital marketing agency.

Having worked with brands such as Haier, AgriSource, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, their strategy for each project starts from defining the objectives, analysing the behaviour of the target audiences, designing the plan, creating necessary marketing materials, and preparing the assessment report. 

8. Foundeast 

Started in 2005, a full-service integrated marketing and public relations agency, Foundeast, has a 360-degree approach to executing a campaign. It collaborates with digital marketing, content production and public relations to bring out the best results. 

Under digital marketing, this PR agency in Thailand provides social advertising, google ads, influencer marketing and web development. Under public relations, it helps with corporate communications, crisis communications, and branding. The agency has catered to Audi, Thai Union, Thomson Reuters, RedBull, Walt Disney, etc. 

9. Rabbit's Tale Public Relations

Rabbit's Tale Public Relations, earlier known as Moonshot Digital, claims to be the first digital PR and content agency in Thailand. Started in 2016, it provides advertising, public relations, data collection, and CX Solutions services. 

It has worked with more than 100 local and international brands such as Canon, Honda, Sephora, Electrolux, BMW, etc. The agency plans PR strategy, manages social media and long-term reputation management and gets influencers on board when running a campaign on the client's behalf. 

10. JC&CO Communications 

JC&CO PUBLIC RELATIONS, known as JCPR, is an integrated marketing communications consulting firm started in 2005. It has a wide range of services, including media strategy, crisis communications, corporate communications, branding and positioning, and digital and social media management. 

The agency has executed campaigns for Burger King, Minor International, British Council, Tata, etc. Since its inception, this PR agency in Thailand has been working toward creating effective communication strategies that match its clients' requirements. 


As the PR industry is showing a double-digit growth rate in Thailand, many agencies are taking up influencer marketing as an additional service. Running a campaign through influencers connects them with the target audiences and creates stories that can build brand awareness or drive sales. 

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