Top Trending Food Influencers to Follow in Southeast Asia

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May 12, 2021
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“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” Food joins and unites people from all walks of life. Lockdowns all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic have also made many into better chefs. As consumers turn to their social media feeds for cooking inspiration and recipes to share, food influencers play an increasingly important role in our lives. To resonate with and impress your audience, let’s explore the list of food influencers you can work with for your next influencer marketing campaign

Famous Celebrity Chefs  

When it comes to food, how can anyone not know about Gordon Ramsay? With 16.3 million subscribers on YouTube, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a string of successful restaurants under his name and is known for his high standards when it comes to food. If you’re looking for amazing recipes to follow this holiday season, Gordon Ramsay has you covered with his Thanksgiving Recipe Guide video and shows you how to cook Carbonara in less than 10 minutes. Alain Ducasse (@alainducasse), George Calombaris (@gcalombaris), Nigella Lawson (@nigellalawson), and Cat Cora (@catcora) are also world-famous celebrity chefs with stunning recipes to share on television. 

But the influence of celebrity chefs is not limited to those mentioned above. Local celebrity chefs in Singapore are also cooking up a storm with recipes that can satisfy local taste buds. Celebrity chef, Willin Low, was chosen by the Financial Times as one of Singapore’s best chefs and is known for “reinventing the city’s traditional food culture”. His Instagram page (@willcookwilleat) has over 47.4k followers which he constantly feeds with dining recommendations and cooking tips. If you’re interested in fusion food, you would love his creative Krapow Pasta!

Celebrity chef, Eric Teo, is also a famous TV personality with 24.8k followers on Instagram. Consumers who tune in to his live streams on Shopee Live will not only see him promoting Tefal cookware and Barilla Pasta products but also get to learn useful tips on how to prepare mouth-watering dishes! With video marketing on the rise in 2020, brands can consider partnering with celebrity chefs to showcase their products together with the skilful recipes offered by celebrity chefs! In particular, E-commerce brands like Shopee have been using livestreaming to deepen engagement with consumers.

Besides live streaming, read our other blogs to find out what are the other top 3 video marketing trends to leverage and other successful e-commerce influencer marketing campaigns out there! 

Top Foodie Influencers in Singapore 

While celebrity chefs are highly influential, well-known bloggers and influencers like @danielfooddiary, @sethluicious and @missstamchiak also command a great following in Singapore. Constantly providing new food places for Singaporeans to check out, it is no wonder that consumers rely on them to check out where’s the best place to go for their next meal. 

However, micro-influencers are also on the rise. Despite lower following, micro-influencers have high engagement rates and real influence in their community. Consumers are now looking for micro-influencers who are foodies just like them and can connect with them to provide authentic restaurant reviews. With a thriving Food and Beverage scene in Singapore, brands entering the market can consider working with micro-influencers to build a loyal customer base and generate a higher marketing ROI. 

Heard of Kaya Toast gelato and Chips Ahoy flavoured gourmet popcorn? with 11.6k followers on Instagram, is known for sharing new and interesting food with her followers. Brands that have new products or menu items to share will surely like her adventurous spirit. After all, one cannot be an opinion leader without leading the pack!


A Singaporean nano-influencer worth your attention is @yvonnemsw with a stunning engagement rate of 6.95% compared to similar influencers at only 2.77%! Despite having just over 7k followers on Instagram, her well-maintained account showcases delicious family meals and her great culinary skills. If your brand is looking to connect to the chefs in every household, you can definitely find them among her followers. Simply start by showing how your brand can spice up home-cooked meals using authentic reviews and honest captions!

For stunning photography and professional reviews this Christmas season, Singapore food influencer @wensdelight’s Instagram is filled with eye-catching photos of food. In a recent collaboration with @breadtalksg, Wendy gave a sneak peak of some of Breadtalk’s festive treats, including a beautiful cake shaped as a Christmas tree!

Top Foodie Influencers in Southeast Asia

Top food influencers in Southeast Asia are also joining in on the Christmas festivities with Filipino food influencer @@mustlovemom, holding a giveaway for salad making kits by @ladyschoiceph. Other influencers in the same campaign include @dimplesromana, @dyosathemomma, @chacruzbehag, @kryzzzie. Check out our other blog to get inspired with other brilliant ideas for your Christmas Influencer Campaigns this holiday season!

Besides Christmas recipes and holiday feasting, consumers are also starting to eat healthy and are increasingly health conscious due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among wellness influencers who have been rising in popularity, food influencers who feature healthy recipes on Instagram are also gaining more attention. Thai food influencer, @kungnang_kncooking’s plates full of colourful veggies and greens serves as inspiration for her followers to keep a ketogenic diet.

Other noteworthy food influencers in Southeast Asia include Thai micro-influencer, @sup_ware, who takes amazing photos of Thai desserts. According to our influencer analytics platform, Filipino home chef, @foodwithmae also has a consistent growth in followers. Her unique food recipes made her collaboration with @anchor_dairy stand out from the rest by using crumpets to make burgers!

BONUS: How to Collaborate with Food Influencers

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands are heavily promoting their food delivery options which are increasingly popular due to social distancing. Food delivery platform, @mula_eats, recently partnered with Malaysian micro-influencer, @evaxueying, to offer exclusive promo codes and the post was well-received with over 400 likes. Other Malaysian influencers like @intan.nurmaisarah, @viikochin, @matthew_kuan and @syaflatif also impressed their followers by showing what they ordered using the platform!

At the same time, brands are also practising social responsibility by giving back to the community through various COVID-19 charity initiatives. An encouraging example is by Gully Kitchen and Bar ( which collaborated with @nahmj and @foodmakescalhappy to run a special promotion. Customers got to receive a 10% discount for every order and “all proceeds from the 10% discount were donated to the government’s COVID-19 Temporarily Relief Fund which provides assistance to those facing job loss.” By working with influencers, brands can showcase their amazing spread of food and create a powerful impact on the community!

Interested to find more micro-influencers in Southeast Asia to work with? Check out our Comprehensive List of Top Micro-influencers in Southeast Asia and request a demo on our website to find out how our Influencer Discovery tool can help your brand find the right influencer!

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