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February 7, 2023
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In 2022, the volume of content created by influencers in the USA fell by 60.62%. Facebook has been the subject of criticism and legal action in the United States for the last few years. As a result, younger people’s attention on Facebook is declining, but not to the extent that it has any consequences on marketing. However, the platform is excellent for brands to reach older demographics.

In addition, since Facebook has the highest proportion of micro (10k-50k followers) and mid-tier (50k-100k) influencers, marketers may still use the platform to reinforce their influencer marketing strategies. " has packed the data with various metrics to help brands and marketers scale up their businesses, which will help brands and marketers navigate a hustle-free path to make an impact and grow visibility on Facebook. This report includes data regarding audience demographics, the number of influencers and their engagement, the number of posts published in the last year, and a curated list of the most engaging influencers in the USA.

Table of Content:

  1. Influencer Demographics
  2. Number of influencers by Followers Count
  3. Influencers Engagement Rates
  4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022
  5. Top 5 Influencers with the Highest Engagement Rate

1. Influencer Demographics

The male and female audiences on Facebook share an almost equal space of user base in the United States. Male audiences comprise 49.25%, whereas females stand at 50.75%. Millennials (26-39) are the most active user base, winning over 47.25% of space. Further, GenX aged 40 to 47+ occupy 27.01% of active users, implying Facebook can be ideal for brands to reach this demographic, whose proportion is low on Instagram and TikTok. With the rise of smartphones and the availability of the internet, it’s no surprise that senior citizens are taking advantage of the services that Facebook offers. Besides, GenZ comprises 25.72% of the user base. The platform has the unique capability of reaching all generations, from GenX to GenZ.

2. Number of influencers by Followers Count

Micro-influencers(10k-50k) and mid-tier influencers (50k-100k) are rapidly growing categories of influencers in the United States of America. In 2022, the micro and mid-tier influencers comprised a large segment of individuals, accounting for 38.5K and 11.5K, respectively. Macro influencers ( 100k-250k) come next with 11.06K individuals, followed by 4007 nano influencers, the lowest among all the categories. Facebook can still witness the rise of nano influencers as they are briskly growing influencer categories on social media. Finally, celebrity influencers with 1M+ followers stood at 5096.

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3. Influencer Engagement Rates

All the categories of influencers on Facebook generated low engagement rates when compared to other social media channels in the USA. Macro-influencers generated a 5.37% engagement rate, the highest among the remaining categories. At the same time, nano influencers accounted for 0.95%, indicating that the connection and affinity between the followers and influencers on Facebook are low. Macro and mid-tier influencers showed similar engagement rates across the platform, with a 0.2% difference. Finally, celebrity influencers generated a minor engagement rate of 0.25%, holding low rapport between followers and influencers.

4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022

The number of influencers' posts decreased drastically by 60.62% in 2022 compared to 2021. Overall, influencers created 98.4M posts in 2021, reducing to 38.7M in 2022. So despite being the abandoned amusement park of social media, Facebook has to make additional efforts to stay in the race of influencer marketing.

Top 10 Influencers with the Highest Engagement Rate

1. Elliot MacGuire Photography (@ elliotmacguire, 71K followers)

Elliot MacGuire is a professional photographer who captures wildlife, landscapes and the occasional family portrait. He is also a great storyteller, and the way he narrates his tales behind the videos and photographs attracted all generations, surprisingly GenX, who contribute 36.56% of his followers base. Elliot’s work is vibrant and authentic and creates an emotional experience for someone, generating a 32.09% of engagement rate. He continues to share his phenomenal work through his Facebook page, with an estimated reach and impressions of 13.60k and 20.40k, respectively.

2. Double Dragon twins(@ doubledragontwinsofficial, 512K followers)

Andrea and Irene Ramons, also known as the double Dragon twins, are a singing and performance duo. The twins made their TV debut at eight on “De Colores” as backup dancers. Their fandom attracted all generational audiences from GenX to GenZ, mainly from Peru and the United States. According to statistics, their engagement rate is 4.30%. The Double Dragon twins’ estimated rate and impressions are 100.40k and 150.60k, respectively. The Facebook feed of the duo is mainly about their career updates, singing and reels on composing music.

3. Samara Anjelae Artist and Author (@ anjelae.samara, 24K followers)

Samara Anjelae is an American contemporary artist specialising in medium and large-scale abstract paintings. Her paintings are exhibited at Long Island studio, and many hang in homes and offices throughout America. Samara, over the years, has helped many individuals find great peace and comfort, attracting followers worldwide. Her estimated reach and impressions are 4.80k and 7.20K respectively. Samara shares all her career-related information and paintings through her Facebook page. Her follower base comprises GenX and millennials generating over 32.88% of the engagement rate.

4. John Francis Peters Art (@ johnfrancispetersart,, 48K followers)

John Francis is an artist whose main theme is the beauty of nature. His creative process and abstract way of seeing the world captivated niche audiences from GenX to GenZ, mainly based in the United States and India. John’s content on his Facebook page is focused only on his paintings, generating a 32.84% engagement rate. According to data, his estimated reach and impressions are 9.06k and 14.40k, respectively.

5. Nixon27RC (@ nixon27rc, 17K followers)

Nixon caparas is a digital creator whose content is primarily on food, travel, and photography. Caparas travels around the globe and captures scenic views sharing them with his followers on Facebook. His follower base comprises all generational categories, generating 61.23% of the engagement rate. Caparas’s estimated reach and impressions are 3.40k and 5.10k, respectively according to the data.

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