Vietnam YouTube Trend Report 2022

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January 27, 2023
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Vietnam witnessed the popularity of YouTube influencer marketing in 2022. According to data, brands used YouTube to create long and short-form content to reach their target audience in the country. To do so, they partnered with micro-influencers with 10k-50k followers, who enabled brands to churn out authentic and reliable content for the viewers.

Read the full report to discover the top-performing Vietnamese influencers on YouTube and the type of content they create. The report also takes you through the engagement rates of all influencer categories, the overall influencer count, and the number of posts published in the last two years. 

Table of Content

  1. Influencer Demographics
  2. Number of Influencers by Follower Count
  3. Influencer Engagement Rates
  4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022
  5. Top 5 Influencers With Highest Engagement Rates

1. Influencer Demographics

YouTube in Vietnam has an almost equal distribution of male and female audiences, with only a 2.15% difference. Among them, Gen Zers (aged <19-25 years) use the platform most, making up 52.95% of the user base, followed by the Millennials (aged 26-32 years). According to’s analysis, only 10.68% of the audience aged 33-39 years use YouTube, the lowest of all APAC nations, implying that the platform is used primarily by younger generations. 

2. Number of Influencers by Follower Count

Vietnam boasts a high number of micro (10k-50k followers) and nano-influencers (5k-10k followers), counting up to 9580 and 5439, respectively. In 2022, there were 2300 macro-influencers (100k-250k followers) on YouTube. The low count implies that although macro creators create viral content, they are less preferred than micro-influencers. There are a significant number of mid-tier influencers (50k -100k followers) on the platform, which are excellent for driving awareness and creating engagement. 

3. Influencer Engagement Rates

Taking average views as a primary metric for engagement for YouTube, mega influencers win the most engagement on the platform, clocking average views of 978946.46%. The percentage decreases further as we move down the follower count. The nano influencers generate the lowest average views on the platform. Seeing the number of nano and micro-influencers on the platform, it is evident that brands use macro and mega-influencers to generate awareness and go for smaller creators to win audience engagement. 

4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022

In 2022, Vietnamese influencers published more than 2.50 million posts, an increase from the 2.29 million posts published in 2021. The data shows that brands and audiences in Vietnam are consuming YouTube Shorts and long-form content for entertainment. 

Top 5 Influencers in Vietnam With Highest Engagement Rates

1. Đen Vâu Official (@denvau1305, 4.64M subscribers)

Den Vau is a Vietnamese rapper and celebrity influencer who engages more than 4.64 million subscribers through his music videos. His videos gain an engagement rate of 2.16% and reach more than 7.78 million YouTube viewers. According to's analysis, 69.4% of his audience is aged 19-25 years, of which 55% are males and 45% are females. Besides YouTube, he has active profiles on Facebook and TikTok. 

2. Masew (@masewprod, 2.148M subscribers)

Masew is a music producer in Vietnam with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube who like and share his content. His estimated reach is 8.77 million, and his engagement rate is 2.17%, higher than similar influencers. He is an award-winning artist who is mainly followed by a very young audience aged below 19 years. His YouTube videos mainly include pop music and electronic music, which are a hit among the younger generations. Masew is famous among women, considering 51.9% of his audience are females. 

3. HuyR (@huyrmusic, 1.25M subscribers)

Vu Van Huy is a Green Wave award-winning musical artist in Vietnam who produces hip-hop and pop music on his YouTube channel. With 1.25 million subscribers, he generates a high engagement rate of 4.96% and gains 375k estimated impressions on his videos. Huy is popular among the male audience, who make up 58.82% of his subscribers. 

4. JustaTeeMusic (@justateemusic, 1.24M subscribers)

JustaTeeMusic is one of the popular bands in Vietnam that have given major musical hits for their audience, including 'Forget About Her', 'Miền Đất Huy Hoàng', and 'Em Không Lẻ Loi'. The account has more than 1.24 million followers, generating a 3.50% engagement rate. Their videos win more than 612.04% average views and reach up to 7.53 million viewers. 65.05% of his audience is above 21 years of age, indicating that their music is enjoyed by the younger demographic. 

5. DatG Music (@datgmusic, 1.14M subscribers)

DatG Music is the official YouTube channel of DatG, a musical artist who creates pop music videos. His channel has more than 1.14 million subscribers, of which 57.55% are males over the age of 21 years. DatG's high engagement rate of 7.07% shows the popularity of his content among the younger audience. His YouTube videos show an estimated reach of 11.42 million viewers. Besides YouTube, his music is available on Spotify and Apple music. 

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