Luz provides competitor and customer data so you can make product, pricing, and inventory decisions that will lead to BIG returns.

For e-commerce, Luz helps identify where the market is, at what price point products are effectively selling, and what categories are trending. If you're going fishing, it tells you where to fish.


Senior Product Line Manager @ Alta Cycling

Use Cases

Competitor tracking: Track your top competitors’ product sales volume, inventory, and pricing on every product.Customer Attribution: Accurately attribute your marketing and influencer campaigns to products purchased so you can focus on the marketing channels that drive the highest ROI.Product Research: With over 100,000 brands and 500 million SKU’s tracked, get insights tailor-made to aid e-commerce brands in product development.Benchmarking: Analyze market-wide trends and individual product comparisons to easily compare your brand and products to the competition.Website analytics: Evaluate which pages and products are driving the most growth and which areas are in need of improvement.

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