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Affable uses Advanced Machine Learning and Big Data technologies to identify and rank social media Influencers. Using Affable's Influencer Marketing Platform you can find the influencers across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter globally.


hEy eVERYoNE! tHIS CHAnnEL IS aLL ABOUt ReactiON & rEVIewS!! mOSTLY rEACTING To iNdIAn mOvIeS! i AM fRoM sINgApOrE! tAMIL SPEAkiNG guY sO iN mY VidEos i wIlL bE SpEaKinG in TaMiL wITH a BiT Of eNGliSh!! PlUs i dO LOve tO SiNg sO yOu caN eXpecT sOMe bATHroOm sINginG toO iN My vIDEos! In CONcluSIon, iT wIll be A fUll oN EnTerTaInMEnt!!

ajith rav

All about music and entertainment !

Sovan Bon Tong

Welcome to my channel Soavn Bom Tong Content Music Video And Entertainment Video! Thank For Visit My Channel Contact Admin Facebook : Facebook Page: Please Enjoy With My Video

Dizzy Ziddy

This channel focuses mostly on the Oreimo PSP fan translation and other games (mostly Japanese), usually paired with english subtitles or closed captions. We are not related to any other Oreimo projects unless explicitly stated by myself. There are also videos on other stuff, like Oregairu, Haganai PSP, Dream Club, and so on. Staff List : IRC Channel :, #rinjinbu

Brasel Seng

This is a channel that consists videos of mainly DIY-related, and of course other videos for entertainment, lifestyle and beauty! Thank you for visiting my channel and I hope you enjoy my videos. I strive to put up good DIY tutorials for all of you craft-making lovers out there! ;-) You can find me on instagram, twitter, or my blog ( I own an online shop:

Mathana Natural Life

Hello everyone! Here is my channel. I hope my channel will help you to Learn How to make money On YouTube and it also give the ideas and motivate you to make your dream comes true. In this channel has variety playlists that can help you to know me like below: 1. Learn to make Hair 2. Learn to make money on YouTube Videos 3. Entertainment 4. Learn to use on Facebook 5. Life Style 6. Learn Cooking 7. Learn To Make Up 8. Daily Life, Traveling 9. News, Health & Education

Jayco Manangan TV

all out entertainment and all out good vlogs. J A Y C O M A N A N G A N T V (Year 2) Travel • Music • Lifestyle Showbiz • House Tour • DenJen • TomCar Instagram: @jaycodonut Facebook: jaycomanangantv For business inquiries and collaborations:

The Vik Show

Alryt! ;) The Vik Show - a brand new entertainment channel managed by Shouvik Ahmed.


This channel broadcasts action movies including blockbusters, westerns, war pictures and martial arts films; ActionMax's featured action movie at 8pm nightly. Arts & Entertainment features highly distictive, quality entertainment including original biographies, mysteries and specials. Movies 24 hours a day. primarily broadcasting theatrically released feature films, along with original action series, films, documentaries and special behind-the-scenes features.

Simply Lorena Vlog

Hello everyone welcome to my channel. pls subscribe to our channel and pls dont forget to turn on notification bell and hit like para ma update kayo sa mga bago kung video 📹 My Facebook Account I love entertainment I love cooking I love travelling


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Affable is a top notch solution for brands: it provides the tools to be able to market at scale while preserving a personal touch, and its heavy reliance on data and data analysis shows a clear understanding of what makes influencer marketing so effective.
Affable helps to save a lot of time when it comes to calculating overall engagement rates and follower counts. By extracting data from the respective Instagram profiles we get access to their demographics and other details which would otherwise have been difficult to attain
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