Top 1000 Food youtube influencers in United Kingdom

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Hari Ghotra

As a cook all I want to do is share my dishes and recipes with you so you can make great Indian food simply. I think cooking should be fun, and full of love so you enjoy making the food - let's make it, love it and share it together. Teaching others is about sharing a few secrets and inspiring you to try something new. I'm hoping these videos will do just that - from demystifying spices, exploring new recipes and making Indian food fun and amazing for you, you are more likely to give it a go. My food is wholesome, tasty, fresh and rooted in family life as a UK born Punjabi girl. Indian food it's easier than you think and I am on hand so email me with questions, message me with ideas, watch my videos and let me know what you think.

Tsheten Dukpa Recipe

Hi friends a warm welcome to my channel 🙏🏻 My channel Tsheten Dukpa before now is Tsheten Dukpa Recipe is all about cooking.Cooking in a very simple and easy way and of course Nepali Gurkha food, Tibetan food and Bhutanese Food recipes prepared in Darjeeling home kitchens and restaurants. My plate is full just like yours.I'am wife,mother and full time FNB worker. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL SHARE SIMPLE AND EASY DARJEELING GORKHA FOOD,NEPALI,BHUTANESE AND TIBETAN RECIPES🙏🏻🙏🏻 FIND ME ON ANOTHER CHANNEL TO KNOW ME MORE PERSONALLY’sVlogs Or you can send me letters 16 Laurence Hamilton Lane TN23 3GY Ashford Kent United Kingdom Started from➡️ 23rd July 2018

Kitchen Sanctuary

Welcome to Kitchen Sanctuary where we strive to bring you beautiful recipes and food tutorials that are easy to follow but above all Chris and I are all about delicious family-friendly food. Why Choose - All our recipes are tried and tested. - We are both big foodies and LOVE to cook. - We treat Kitchen Sanctuary as our cookbook, everything you find is the food we love to cook and eat. - We are based in the UK but also provide Imperial US measurements where we can. - We listen, we read every comment! Please subscribe and hit the bell to be notified of our new recipe videos every Monday and Thursday. Bring flavour back to your kitchen table with Nicky's Kitchen Sanctuary!

Huw Richards

For the last 15 years, I have been growing food in my family's vegetable garden following organic and sustainable principles. I am now on a mission to help as many people as possible to grow their own food inexpensively. It is such a fun and rewarding process which I hope everyone can experience. Growing food involves so many fun activities which can be as easy as you want. There is nothing better than harvesting some of your own homegrown produce. #AvantLink #930609

Ivonne Ajayi

Hello! Food & Lifestyle Videos :) Hope you enjoy! x

Katie Pix

If you want good food that’s all fun and zero fuss, SUBSCRIBE to Katie Pix! PART OF JAMIE OLIVER'S FOOD TUBE FAMILY. With two chefs as parents, the kitchen has played a significant role in my general happiness and livelihood. This channel celebrates those meals that are nourishing little comfort blankets; the ones that give you a hug when you need it most, or bring a smile to your face when you’ve just trudged your way home from work in the rain? They can be as simple as a leek and potato soup or as extravagant as the most sumptuous Beef Wellington, it just doesn’t matter. When it comes to it, the food we love most is the food that takes us out of ourselves, drags us back in time by the tastebuds and makes all our worries, headaches and annoyances fade away, even for just a second. Thank you for being a part of the adventure! xxxx

Ndudu by Fafa

'Ndudu' coined from the word 'Nududu' means food in my tribal 'Ewe' language (from the Volta Region of Ghana), hence 'Ndudu by Fafa' means 'Food by Fafa'. Welcome to my explorative world of global cooking inspired by my Ghanaian heritage (thanks to my Mum) and the diverse cultures that London introduces me to on a daily basis. Find the transcript of my recipes on my food blog; Instagram @ndudu_by_fafa. Facebook: NDUDU BY FAFA TWITTER: NDUDU BY FAFA

Food with Chetna

Welcome to Food with Chetna! I am Chetna, passionate cook, creative baker and author of 4 cookbooks. This is my youtube channel where I will be sharing my delicious recipes & tips on all things cooking & baking. I have a great passion for food and flavours and this is my space to share my passion with everyone. I will be sharing loads of Indian food recipes as well as bakes and desserts. I love to play with flavours and combine traditional British/Western recipes with Indian Flavours. There will be loads of easy recipes for quick dinners, healthy food, cheap to make recipes and desserts. I like to keep my recipes simple so that families can make them together. I will also be sharing lots of recipes from my mum who is an amazing cook as well as some fantastic collaborations. So subscribe and keep watching for regular exciting ideas and videos. Also check out my website for more recipes and my blog.

zed kitchen Ethiopian Food

In this channel i will be presenting easy cooking Ethiopian traditional food and very delicious food around the glob. Easy and fast cooking

John Quilter

I used to have a restaurant, but it went bust. So I left, moved to London and started cooking my food on the streets. But instead of putting a price on the food I asked people to pay me what THEY thought it was worth and I called it FOOD BUSKING. Here on my channel I cook recipes and Food Busk them on the street and I make films about Cult Foods, you know the dishes that are like celebrities in their own right. Ramen, sushi, Fish and Chips, I feature the chefs, the places, the history and the hacks, tips and short cuts to become a cult food master. Increase the peace JQ

Ziang's Food Workshop

We show you guys how to make real takeaway food by people who do it for a living!

Adam Garratt

Hi guys and welcome to my youtube channel. My channel is all about food - as you can probably guess. I am completely self taught, with no formal catering qualifications or fancy michelin stars. Food is my passion, my life and my hobby. I cook easy, simple food that won't cost the earth, and tastes - hopefully - delicious. Thanks for stopping by, like, subscribe, share and all that. Enquiries: Adam x

Kolawole Ajayi

This channel will show you "How to" prepare , educate and taking you across traditional African food to enjoy. It will also cover interesting topics and good practises across the food industry.

Subhan Aslam

We make food and eat it! Definitely will be traveling for food after quarantine!!


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