Top 1000 Pets youtube influencers in United States

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Rachelle and Justin

Hello friends! We're Rachelle and Justin. We have a little girl named Emma (1 year old), our twin baby boys Reuben and Asher (newborns), an angel baby named Brynn, and two amazing pets! We're currently living in Southern California and are excited to share our daily life with you - ups and downs. Business inquiries: PO BOX 892215 Temecula, CA 92589


Hi, I'm Stacy. I've gone from being a producer in L.A. to a full-time Minecraft YouTuber to an author and Twitch streamer. And now I spend most of my time with my pets (a dog named Molly and two cats named Toast and Pip) doing horribly-conceived D.I.Y. projects around my cabin.

The Dro

Hi! I'm Dro & my channel is now basically just me uploading all the things about my life. It has changed subject matter many times over the years. I was originally uploading band videos while I was performing w Deadstar Assembly but had a couple videos banned for having naughty footage from back stage and hotel parties. I then began uploading just pet videos since I worked with exotic animals for many years and that drew more subscribers. some of my highest viewed videos were promoted by companies like unilad which helped the channel go more viral and over time, some of the exotic pets passed from old age. Unfortunately, someone or bots also began putting my videos in these weird playlists which skewed suggestions a bit; I did a video about that here: I have separated all my content into playlists to make it easier to find something you're interested in since my viewership and content is all over the place now... Hope you find something you enjoy!

Monkey sam

Hello everyone welcome to my official Youtube channel. My family loves animals, we take care of our pets with love and heart. Subscribe to my channel to watch my latest videos!!! Thank you all very much !!!

Jennifer Lynx

Sharing my many pets, plants & life experiences. 🦎 Sylvia & Rune 🐍 Tarantino 🐸 Lentil & Ducky 🐈 Sami, Roger & Grimm 🐕 Palmer 📍 Minneapolis, MN

Rachel Fusaro

On a mission to SAVE ALL THE DAMN DOGS by inspiring & empowering pet parents to do more with their pets, in an effort to keep dogs living longer & out of shelters. Find me on every social media platform @RachelFusaro! Background: After years of fostering rescue dogs, and getting numerous questions about the process, I started to build a community of awesome pet parents. The questions started flooding in, and this is when I started sharing my pet lifestyle tips. While I am not a professional dog trainer, I have learned a TON after fostering 55+ rescue dogs. Dogs are my passion. My heart beats dog, & it is my honor to help you live the best damn life with your pets #saveallthedamndogs TikTok, Instagram & Facebook: @RachelFusaro *Note: I am not a professional dog trainer, nor am I a certified nutritionist. All opinions, tips, suggestions, ideas expressed are based on my personal experience. Always work with a Veterinarian or trainer.

Katherine Michelle

Hey y'all, I'm Katherine! I'm 26 and currently residing in Houston, TX. Join me as I share lifestyle vlogs, my travels, all my pets, fishing and so much more!


Welcome Everybody, I Am "theblackivory_" A Very Young Exciting Reptile Enthusiasts/ Keeper. I Just Love Sharing Reptiles With The World, In Reaching One Simple Goal Which Is Opening People's Minds On How Dope Snakes, Lizards, Etc Truly Are. Especially As Pets! With That Being Said Make Sure You Stay A While Check Out Our Videos, Share Them With Friends & Family And Enjoy These Amazing With Me, As We Journey Around Living Life One Day At A Time! I Appreciate You & Your Support, And Finally I Love You All! - Blackivory Out!!!


There's a creative little fox in all of us... Originally known as glamourlifefox I've gone from makeup, life hacks, to diys! I'm now known as GoodLifeFox and here you'll still find life hacks, but I mostly dabble in fun DIYs such as school projects, miniature doll crafts, room decor, slime, edibles, toy stuff and so much more! I also share my channel with my fur babies Meeshka (my cat) and Dexter (my siberian husky), so we upload frequent pet vlogs and we'll also be doing fun diys and life hacks for pets! I also collect sylvanian families/calico critters so I'll be incorporating scaled diys! If you live for crafting, and creativity then be sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications! I can't wait to share my imagination with you all! I do run 2 other businesses outside of youtube so I try to upload as often as I can! I'm always getting inspired by things that make me happy :) I hope I can inspire you too! For Sponsorships and Bookings ONLY contact via business email below!

Paula Deen

Paula Deen cooks up delicious Southern recipes passed down from family and friends, as well as created in her very own kitchen. On her YouTube Channel, Paula and her friends and family share easy, tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! She takes a no-fuss approach to cooking, preferring simple, down-home meals over complicated creations. Paula is a beloved cook, restaurateur, author, and entrepreneur with 18 cookbooks; restaurants in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Missouri; and product lines ranging from kitchen, home, and food to jewelry, fashion, and pets. New videos uploaded daily! Click here to subscribe: For Paula Deen recipes, blogs, and more, click here:


Cute and fun moments of Pit Bull Sharky and a snowshoe cat Max-Arthur AKA #SharkCat who loves to ride iRobot Roomba vacuum. Sharky went to puppy at the age of 9. We really miss him. And Kitty also died to cancer few years later... I am so glad I have many videos of sweet soul Sharky and funny Kitty Maxy so my son #SharkBaby can see their fun activities through YouTube videos while his is growing up! We do have new dog pit bull Mako The Shark and he has been best friend for my son for years! They are like twins and stick together all day long. I also have rabbits, geese, ducks, chickens as our pets and collect their eggs since my son loves to eat omelettes. Please Subscribe if you Love to get their updates :) Woof Meow 'To use any of these videos in a commercial player, all media requests, advertising or in broadcasts, please email all requests to Brave Bison


Welcome to Emzotic! I'm Em - Pet YouTuber and momther to a bunch of exotic animals! On this channel I share - Pet Care Videos - Reactions to Animal Videos - Pet How-to's - Creature Features And much more! My goal is to help you make better choices for your pets, and to inspire you with knowledge about the AMAZING animals around us! Follow me on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter: @emzoticofficial Welcome to the Creature Crew!

Kamp Kenan

This is the place for reptile lovers! We have tons of info for lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, alligators and all sorts of scaly & misunderstood creatures. We also love to learn from other animal experts who are happy to share knowledge about pets. That’s what Kamp Kenan is all about. We love animals and we know you do too. This is why we do what we do. Animal conservation & education in the modern world matters, we're out there living it and doing it every day. This is real life, these stories are real, and our sole purpose is to educate you so that you can learn something new every day and one day perhaps get involved yourself. It's that simple. New videos every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday! See all of our social media links below and head over to for tons more reptile info.

Tyler Rugge

My name is Tyler Rugge. I have a lot of pets and I make videos with all of them! I have a variety of pets from dogs to more exotic things like reptiles, and aquatics ranging from my snakes, lizards, reef tank, birds and more! PO Box Address: Tyler Rugge 511 Olde Towne Rd #81274 Rochester, MI 48308


2nd Channel of Laurenzside Filled with Vlogs & other non-Gaming related awesomeness! Uploads will happen on random Saturdays


Hey guys! This is my Vlog channel. Enjoy the randomness

Laura Price

HI FRIENDS I'm Laura Price! I'm a Visual Development artist in the animation industry. I've worked for studios like Paramount Animation, Disney TVA (Tangled the Series, Amphibia, Owl House), Cartoon Network (Steven Universe), and Nickelodeon. ☀︎ Instagram • ☀︎ Twitter • ☀︎ Tumblr • ☀︎ My Dog's Instagram •


Come along with the Crazy8FamilyKids on our daily adventures where crazy is normal! Three boys and three girls make up the Crazy8FamilyKids: Gabriel, 15, Alphonsus, 14, Sophia, 13, Madeline, 11, Naomi, 9 and Lucas, 6. Life with six kids is crazy — crazy beautiful and just plain crazy! But we wouldn't trade this crazy family life for the world! Almost weekly videos on life with six children! Subscribe to Crazy8Family: Watch more Crazy8Family: Follow Crazy8Family: Instagram: Send us Mail! Our NEW Mailing Address! The Crazy8Family Kids! 64 E Uwchlan Ave #423 Exton, PA 19341 Thanks for watching the Crazy8Family Kids!!


Welome to Runnin C Canine Adventures & Performance Horses aka Kroes Ranch

Luxury Savannahs

FACEBOOK Spotted Exotic is a YouTube Channel focusing on the beautiful exotic Savannah Cat, Serval Cats! AVAILABLE KITTENS FOR SALE: The Savannah are a spotted domestic cat breed derived from the pairing of a Serval and a Domestic Cat developed to give the impression of grandeur and dignity of an wild cat with a cheetah type appearance. Since 2006 they have held the Guinness Book World Record for the world's tallest domestic cat. The Serval is a wild cat native to Africa.. It is a strong yet slender animal, with long legs and a fairly short tail. Due to its leg length, it is relatively one of the tallest cats. Servals are carnivores which require raw meat, rodents, birds etc. to survive. Channel name has been changed from ZeusTheServal to Spotted Exotic. ATTENTION: Servals DO NOT MAKE GOOD PETS. They are illegal most states and require special permits to own.


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