Top 1000 Technology youtube influencers in Singapore

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Fun Man Fung, Ph.D.

Fun Man enjoys teaching and sharing knowledge 👨. 📚 GET OUR LATEST BOOK HERE: Be resilient, you will overcome. Wishing you all the best. --- Let's keep in touch! 🌟 ---

Lewis Toh

hi , warm reception to my channel xd its mainly custom pc & keyboard videos, pls enjoy your stay, your room number is 180. ( weekly videos btw) Email: (open to business inquiries)

KX Fan

Welcome to KX Geomancy Pte Ltd (formerly known as KX International Geomancy) MASTER NEO’s forefathers were well-known Fengshui Master. His expertise was inherited down the generations and he is the 6th generation to inherit his forefather’s expertise. In 1993, MASTER NEO inherited his family business in geomancy. He believes in discarding old traditions and uses modern ways to infuse liveliness into the Art of Fengshui with the aim to harmonies the living environment and the wisdom of people. Hence, we have Modern Fengshui. Using Fengshui to enhance the lives of people was MASTER NEO’s objective. He never ceases to pursue knowledge in this age of new technology. He constantly upgrades himself culturally and intellectually by frequently updating himself on modern fengshui case studies, linking them to the age-old fengshui theory whilst meeting the needs of modern people in the 21st century.

Hlwan Paing

Hlwan Paing Youtube Channel

BONE Fishing World

The BONE brand is epitomized by its slogan, “The Beginning of Never Ending”. A quest to build the best fishing gear with the latest technology, utilizing the highest quality materials in a stringent manufacturing process which can only be fueled by passion. Each series of BONE rods consists of several models which carefully thought out to cover a range of applications within a specific power rating. The prototypes are extensively field-tested and fined tuned by Bone Lim and a select group of elite anglers in the toughest locations against hard fighting species before production to ensure that all BONE rods perform optimally when pitted against predatory species which can be elusive but not impossible to conquer. #BONEFishingWorld Like us on Facebook @ Follow us on Instagram @

Tech Lightning

Tech lightning is for videos related to Integration, API, Integration technologies (MuleSoft, SoftwareAG, APIGEE) and also IoT. You will learn how to integrate with different source/target systems using Integration/Middleware technology. Be sure to Subscribe for new content and click Bell icon for Notifications. Thank you for watching. About myself: I am Arul and Welcome to my YouTube channel Techlightning I am working as a Senior Integration Architect and currently working in Integration Platform like SoftwareAG webMethods product suite/MuleSoft/APIGEE. I am having total 16+ Years of IT experience and Certified in SoftwareAG BPMS, MuleSoft MCD Developer Level1 Certification, MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect (MCIA) and also MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect. I will be posting videos once a week. My Udemy course for MuleSoft and webMethods available in the below link. These courses will be very useful for beginners.

Mother Soft

Hello world and everyone, I would like to create this channel to share you, research the new technology, comedy Video, Best song, No copyright music, Basic of Youtube and other entertainment. Thank you!!!This is to show all you know everything new in Microsoft office and new technology and some new apps, software for PC, Mac, phone. If you Love my Channel and want to donate. Below My Account: -TaonChet: 1146-9075-3 or by Phone 088 7986323 -Wing : 02433154 Thank You All for Watching my Video

Sajiv Saiful

We provide high-end visualization services for real estate development and architectural design. We have worked with a variety of outstanding artists from around the world to complete many amazing works. We are also recognized by the industry internationally. We hope that through our works, more people can enjoy art and jointly promote the development and innovation of visualization technology.

Peter Pee

I am a minimalist at heart and while I enjoy great sounds, I can no longer bear the sight of snaking cables. Technology has brought us to the age where great sound can be delivered over the air without cables. And so here I am, in love all over again and sharing my love for wireless sound with you.


Programming is fun (Not for everyone but for few like me). Hello friends, this is Yusuf here. I am a Software developer worked under AS/400 IBM i (RPGLE, DB2) technology and a Full stack Javascript developer. In my on going journey I have failed/succeeded/learnt a lot. Using this channel I would like to share the interesting things which I come across to you and I hope it will help to save your valuable time. Subscribe for more...!!!!! Have Fun..!!! Happy Coding..!!!


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Affable is a top notch solution for brands: it provides the tools to be able to market at scale while preserving a personal touch, and its heavy reliance on data and data analysis shows a clear understanding of what makes influencer marketing so effective.
Affable helps to save a lot of time when it comes to calculating overall engagement rates and follower counts. By extracting data from the respective Instagram profiles we get access to their demographics and other details which would otherwise have been difficult to attain
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