Influencer led e-commerce growth driven by Influencer Shout Outs

Affable's end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform helps e-commerce brands scale their influencer marketing.

Find authentic influencers and engage them for product shoutouts. Measure the sales driven by each influencer.

Illustration that shows Influencer Campaign Management functionalities
Affable's Influencer Marketing Platform helps you find influencers based on their age, gender, location, interests and engagement rate

Influencer Search Engine for global campaign needs

Affable's influencer discovery lets you find influencers across any industry globally. We have one of the largest database of influencers that you can search from and shortlist your influencers.

Use advanced filters and discover influencers based on their age, gender, location, interests, engagement rate, brand affinities and content.


Configure custom campaigns

No two campaigns are the same. Affable gives you the power to create custom campaigns based and share them directly with the influencers.

You can also set up custom automated emails that are sent when you approve or reject an influencer proposal.

Create multiple tasks, collect shipping information, configure payment settings, share brand assets and ask for content rights -- all in one place.

Affable lets you configure your influencer campaign briefs.
Affable lets you configure the tasks that the Influencers are supposed to complete for a campaign

Configure Campaign-specific Tasks

Frustrated with the repeated back-and-forth with influencers about the Tasks they are supposed to complete for a Campaign? Affable's workflow solution lets you create a list of tasks for different social media channels.

Assign custom tasks to influencers - some mandatory and some optional.

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Manage Product Seeding and Influencer Gifting

Launching a new product and want to send it to 100s of Influencers? Affable's campaign workflow solution makes it seamless to import products from your e-commerce store and sending them to the influencers.

Influencers can choose the product they would like to receive, input their address details and order the product directly.

You can sit back and track the product shipment and easily identify influencers who have received the product but are yet to post.

Affable lets you mange Influencer Gifting program and import products from your Shopify store
Affable lets you configure your campaign payment options

Configure Payments & Barters in one place

Are you sharing a product in barter for a post or paying for this campaign? Make it explicit in your campaign settings to avoid confusion and set expectations with Influencers.

You can also import the different discount rules from your e-commerce backend (eg. Shopify) to assign rule for each Campaign. The discount codes and affiliate links are auto-generated for each influencer in the Campaign.

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Share Brand Assets with Influencers for inspiration

Aligning Influencers with your brand guidelines is a challenge exercise. Affable's workflow solution lets you share brand assets that the Influencers can refer to for creating their content.

While gifting products to influencers, if you'd like to highlight some special features of your product, you can list down the details here.

Affable lets you share brand assets with the Influencers
Affable lets you review proposals received from Influencers.

E-Mail influencers and Manage Influencer Proposals

Affable's Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) solution lets you e-mail 100s of influencers in one click and invite them for submitting proposal for your campaigns.

Influencers can submit multiple proposals for your review. Your team can approve/reject influencer proposals in one place.

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Manage Content Rights

Would you like to reuse the content that the Influencers have created across your social channels? Do it right.

Request for content rights as part of the Influencer onboarding. Influencers can agree to the content rights while submitting their proposal and you can then use the content across your social channels.

Affable's workflow solution makes it seamless to capture Influencer's approval on content rights.

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Affable lets you configure Content Rights with the Influencers
Measure the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns using Affable's Influencer Marketing Platform

Measure Link Clicks

Affable integrates with Bitly.

Create unique link for each influencer to capture the clicks driven by influencers to your website.

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Measure Shopify Sales

Create unique discount codes for influencers and measure the sales generated by each influencer automatically. Requires one-time connection with Shopify.

Affable Influencer Marketing Platform integrates with ShopifyConnect with our E-Commerce Expert
Affable helps you measure Influencer Marketing ROI

Global Database of Influencers

3 Million

Database of vetted influencers across the world


Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter


All the Influencer data is updated and refreshed every week so you never look at stale data


Influencer tracking across global markets


Don't just take our word for it

Affable is a top notch solution for brands: it provides the tools to be able to market at scale while preserving a personal touch, and its heavy reliance on data and data analysis shows a clear understanding of what makes influencer marketing so effective.
Affable helps to save a lot of time when it comes to calculating overall engagement rates and follower counts. By extracting data from the respective Instagram profiles we get access to their demographics and other details which would otherwise have been difficult to attain
G2 Crowd Review - Senior PR Associate, Pomelo Fashion
Affable Influencer Marketing Platform for Brands & Agencies - Find Influencers, Manage Campaigns and Measure Influencer Marketing ROI
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