Reliable & Data-driven Influencer Marketing Platform for Instagram

Affable's end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform helps you find Instagram Influencers, manage Instagram influencer campaigns and measure the ROI of your Instagram influencer marketing.


Find relevant Instagram Influencers

Affable's influencer discovery lets you find influencers across any industry globally. We have one of the largest database of influencers that you can search from and shortlist your influencers.

Use advanced filters and discover influencers based on their age, gender, location, interests, engagement rate, brand affinities and content.


Analyze audience demographics and detect fake followers

200K Followers but how many in your target audience?

Affable uses advanced machine learning, computer vision and geo-tagging algorithms to help you vet influencers before partnering with them.


Instagram Stories Tracking

Track metrics like EMV, Estimated Reach and Estimated Impressions for Instagram Stories.

Affable automatically tracks the Instagram Stories from Influencers in your campaigns so you don't have to take screenshots of the stories.

Instagram Influencer Relationship Management

Affable's Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) solution lets you shortlist influencers, reach out to them and track the campaign content in one place.


Comprehensive Reporting of Instagram Influencer Campaigns

Track social metrics like Engagement, Estimated Reach and Estimated Impressions across Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.

Affable helps you remove the guess-work about the effectiveness of your Instagram influencer marketing.

"If you manage a large database of influencers, Affable is an essential tool to help you plan, strategize, and make informed decisions that are tailored to your campaign needs."

Gwen, Pomelo Fashion