YouTube Influencer Marketing Simplified's end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform helps you find YouTubers, manage YouTube influencer campaigns and measure the ROI of your YouTube influencer marketing


Find Relevant YouTubers for Any Target Audience's influencer discovery lets you find influencers across any industry globally. We have one of the largest database of influencers that you can search from and shortlist your influencers

Use advanced filters and discover influencers based on their age, gender, location, interests, engagement rate, brand affinities and content


Analyze The YouTuber for Their Audience Demographics

Find YouTubers who have followers in your target audience demographic

Every YouTuber's profile includes data regarding the engagement on their videos, the demographics of their followers and an overview of their recent content


Manage YouTubers Using a CRM

Shortlisting influencers, tracking status, taking notes, allocating budget and sharing with your colleagues - now all in one place

Run your YouTube Influencer Marketing campaigns seamlessly using's Influencer Relationship Manager


"What drew us to was its smart methodology in data collection and presentation. team has been very helpful in addressing questions and constantly improving the platform to better suit partner needs!"

Hui Yan, Shopee & StyleHaul