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Establish a rapport between your brand and influencers with’s Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) software - a complete solution that shortlists relevant influencers, engages with them and tracks the campaign content in one place.


Automate Influencer Management

Cut down the sheer volume of manual effort required to find influencers who are a match for your brand. tracks their profiles, fetches contact details, takes note and brings all messages between your team and influencers in one place for easy access.

One Place For All Communications

Irrespective of the number of influencers you want to connect with,’s influencer management platform integrates with your email and sends out invites to all the shortlisted influencers.

It tailors your engagement with influencers and saves you hundreds of man-hours.

Track All Campaign Content Including Stories

Do away with excel sheets or manual screenshots of the stories posted by influencers. tracks all content and analyzes campaign analytics in one place. Export the content in a PowerPoint file with one click.

Frequently asked questions

What is Influencer Relationship Management (IRM)?

Influencer Relationship Management is a tool provided by influencer marketing platforms to manage a brand's relationship with influencers. It reaches out to influencers, tracks them, and manages all the campaign content in one place.

Why is influencer management important?

Influencer management helps brands establish positive relationships with influencers connected to their targeted customers for driving brand awareness and increased ROI.

Why is an influencer management platform required when influencers can be directly reached out?

Directly reaching out to influencers can be time-consuming. It takes up your extra man-hours or deployment of additional staff to send contracts or products for bulk outreach. An influencer relationship management software eliminates the manual task and is cost-effective.

What are different influencer relationship management strategies?

There are three different ways to strategize influencer management. First, you can directly manage relationships with influencers. Second, hire any influencer marketing agency to manage communications on behalf of your brand.  Third, opt for an influencer marketing tool that manages everything from finding influencers to tracking and managing them. 

What are do’s and don'ts for managing influencer relationships?

• Outline your expectations from the beginning
• Find out how influencers like to be contacted 
• Treat every influencer as a professional 
• Have a clear and long terms relationship by paying influencers fairly 

• Avoid spending too much on free giveaways 
• Never forget about your long-term goals to optimize the campaign

How do you communicate with influencers?

Having a positive relationship with influencers is helpful in long term partnerships. Remain in contact with influencers even after the marketing campaign is over. Keeping them in the loop will help you get closer to your target customers.

Is product seeding possible through influencer relationship management software?

Yes, influencer relationship management software streamlines product fulfillment. Like manages influencer gifting workflow through its integration with Shopify and Magento. It automatically tracks product shipment and updates both the brand and an influencer.

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