Measure The ROI Of Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Spent 4000s of $$ on influencer campaigns but no visibility into the ROI? Use to find if the influencers are being effective.


Comprehensive Campaign Reports

Track metrics like EMV, Estimated Reach and Estimated Impressions of Instagram Stories

Influencer Business Insights

Invite influencers to share their business insights with you directly via's approved Instagram API

Measure Link Clicks integrates with Bitly.

Create unique link for each influencer to capture the clicks driven by influencers to your website

Measure Shopify Sales

Create unique discount codes for influencers and measure the sales generated by each influencer automatically. Requires one-time connection with Shopify.

"At Norbreeze, we use mainly for Product Seeding. The aesthetically designed dashboard provides meaningful statistics which enabled us to view crucial information at a glance."

Krisha Ramos, Norbreeze Group